The 1975’s Funky New Single “Love Me”

The 1975 recently released the first single, “Love Me”, from their upcoming sophomore album, I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It (Yes, that’s the actual lengthy title). In contrast to their 2013 self titled debut album and slower 2014 single “Medicine”, “Love Me” is an upbeat tune that channels the band’s new color scheme (An electric pink and white theme that emerged after a 24 hour social media blackout in early June) and very funky sound. Whether the 1975 will continue to pursue this sound in the remainder of their second album is still up in the air, but if the past is any indication, the band is sure to keep us on their toes with their versatility.

“Love Me”‘s upbeat lyrics are critical of celebrity culture, with a sly reference to the Kardashian fam (“Caught up in fashion, Karcrashian fashion / And a bag of bash for passion / You’ve got a beautiful face but nothing to say”) perhaps as a reflection to the 1975’s rising fame over the past few years.

The group is set to go on tour in the U.S. beginning in early December this year.


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