“The Drugs Don’t Work” – Baby E. feat. Kim Petras

Young Money signee Baby E has kicked off the month of November with the release of “The Drugs Don’t Work,” featuring the hidden gem of pop music, Kim Petras. The electric, morphine-induced song tells the tale of heartbreak and substance use.

Kim Petras’ passionate feature on the track covers The Verve’s song “The Drugs Don’t Work.” Her pop rendition of the classic 1997 song sucks you into a nostalgic state of mind — In hopes of having party favors to fill the void a former lover used to occupy, it seems to only make the situation worse. It’s a broken-record of hopelessness, a rabbit-hole of never ending heartache.

“All this talk of being over

It’s getting me down on love

And I know how this ends

No, not again

I know I’m coming down

Now the drugs don’t work

They just make it worse

Still, I hope to see your face again”

Baby E’s verse’s further push the gut-wrenching heartbreak narrative. Holding nothing back, he raps about his desire to forget their lover. In  the hope of numbing the pain with drugs, it’s evident that  emotional turmoil is inevitable.

“I don’t wanna pop these pills no more

Why’d you even call them painkillers for”

Maybe the suffering from the drugs, which seems to only make the situation worse, is better than nothing at all. Maybe even after countless unsuccessful attempts, the loss of their lover is the closest they can get to what they once had.

“Maybe I should overdose

Cause you’re an angel

I want you close to me.”

“The Drugs Don’t Work” is available to stream on SoundCloud and YouTube:

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