“When The Party’s Over” – Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish follows up her latest pop banger “You Should See Me In A Crown” with a sonically multi-dimensional, sensual track titled “When The Party’s Over.”

The 16 year old star-on-the-rise is building up slowly to the official release of her first album, set to be released early 2019, with the recent release of her new single setting the stage between two on and off lovers. Consisting of “hundreds and hundreds of vocals,” and soft instrumentals layered on top of eachother, “When The Party’s Over” sucks the listener into the mind of a distraught Billie Eilish who’s torn between entertaining her lover and longing for some separation with them.  

An official music video was released at the end of October, reminding us what exactly makes Billie Eilish so true to her character. The aesthetic monotone video shows the singer stiff and cold, hesitantly drinking a glass of black liquid which leads her to tap into her true feelings and  solemnly whimper out the melodramatic vocals while crying black tears.

“But nothing is better sometimes

Once we’ve both said our goodbyes

Let’s just let it go

Let me let you go”

Her face is stained with the residue of darkened tears — Though depressing at first glance, Billie confirmed that the song is more of an angry anthem against their lover, where in a moment of despair one might just say: “You know what? Fucking leave me alone.” 

You can watch the official music video to the new single down below. Billie Eilish is scheduled to perform a back-to-back set in Washington, D.C. Wednesday, November 7. Both shows are sold out, though (overpriced) tickets are available on StubHub!

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