Preview: TOPS @ Comet Ping Pong

TOPS will be playing at Comet Ping Pong on October 28th with Tiberius B. The show comes as part of the 2021 Party Again Tour, announced online with the single “Party Again,” an optimistic and dance-worthy track celebrating the return of live music. Last week, the band released a second single, “Waiting,” featuring a similarly sweet, upbeat, pop sound. The singles come after the band’s fourth full-length album, I Feel Alive (2020). 

Formed in 2011, TOPS (Jane Penny, David Carriere, Riley Fleck, and Marta Cikojevic) hails from Montreal, Quebec. The group recently formed Musique Tops to self-release their latest album, I Feel Alive. In the words of vocalist Jane Penny, “We’ve always recognized that the best investment of our resources is to get equipment as opposed to paying a producer; to learn an instrument over hiring someone… Putting money into someone else’s hands is scary. We’ve never enlisted someone to help us do what we’re doing. The result is that we cultivate deeper every time what we want to sound like.” It’s a move that’s paid off so far in the critical reception of I Feel Alive and the group’s growing audience both in Canada and the US.

Be sure to check them out at Comet Ping Pong Thursday, October 28th. Grab tickets here.

Check out TOPS on bandcamp here.

Stream TOPS on Spotify here.

Catch Tiberius B on bandcamp here.

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