“Worship” – Years & Years

It’s been a long time coming for a little British band called Years & Years. When they released their first single “I Wish I Knew” in 2012, they were just a small five group band with a couple synths, some confetti, and a whole lotta heart. But a lot has changed now.

After the departure of two members, the core group became frontman (and actor! see: Bright Star) Olly Alexander, bassist Mikey Goldsworthy (slapping ze bass), and Emre Turkman (synthman extraordinaire). Although they haven’t released a full album yet, they’ve been busy churning out quality singles since “I Wish I Knew” that range from the electronic anthem “Real” (featuring fellow Brit, Ben Whishaw from Bright Star), the adventurous “Take Shelter” (featuring another one of Olly’s actor friends, Emily Browning), and the slow soul baring “Eyes Shut”.

“Worship”, Years & Years’ newest single, is an electronic, synth laden exposition of their mature and developed style that also channels the same energy of their first bouncing, happy, confetti-filled “I Wish I Knew” single. While Years & Years have taken to more R&B electro with a dash of house, they still deliver the same levity and constant energy as their older singles.

Watching them grow from a struggling small band on Youtube trying to make it with a couple thousand views to supporting Sam Smith on his UK tour this past fall has been amazing. To top it all off, Years & Years was named the number 1 upcoming artist on the BBC’s Sound of 2015 list. And they’re not stopping yet. Their first album, Communion, drops June 22nd and they’ve just started touring.

The last part of the single review is brought to you by a game of Good News/Bad News. Good news: Years & Years will be playing at U Street Music Hall this very Sunday, March 29th. Bad news: U Street has sold out. Whatever you end up doing this Sunday, with their new single “Worship” and their album Communion, I’m sure seeing Years & Years live will be a religious experience.

UPDATE: 3/30/15 2:19am. Didn’t go to Sunday mass, but ended up going to U St instead. Today’s religious services was brought to you by Olly Alexander and his sweet, sweet voice. So yeah. Religious experience indeed.


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