“Disciples” – Tame Impala

We’ve all seen (or been) the kid in lecture browsing Reddit instead of listening to the professor drone on. Rest assured — your tuition is paying for something worthwhile if you chose to check out Tame Impala frontman’s Ask Me Anything session he hosted on Reddit a few days ago. Kevin Parker dropped “Disciples” from upcoming album Currents, due to be released sometime this year. (That’s all we know about the release date. How cryptic.)

The single’s biggest flaw is its length. Clocking in at a little under two minutes, it seems as though the song begins in media res. (For those of you who aren’t English majors and remember nothing from your high school English classes, the beginning of “Disciples” sounds like something from the middle of a song.) It’s a bit abrupt, but you quickly acclimate and the song is over before you know it. “Disciples” is a little less dreamier or psychedelic-sounding than some of the band’s other songs — it’s cheerful, maybe even slightly harking back to the sound of the Beach Boys. Just what you need to hear in the midst of finals.

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