Preview: Jaga Jazzist @ Black Cat

When Americans think jazz, they think Norway. Beginning with Trondeheim native Jelly Røll Mørtøn, the jazz tradition is as deeply ingrained in Norwegian culture as Tennessee Williams and jambalaya; how appropriate, then, that Norwegian experimental jazz band Jaga Jazzist has, as the Norwegians say, “made their way across the pond” to the good ol’ U S of A! [cue fireworks]

Led by brothers Lars and Martin Horntveth, Oslo-based instrumental ennead Jaga Jazzist will be performing at Black Cat this Sunday, June 21st in support of their critically acclaimed 2015 album, Starfire.  A high energy ensemble that, yes, includes the tenor saxophone (you can stop asking), you’re sure to have a even better time at this show than you had at the launch party for Jørgen Moe’s Norske Folkeeventyr.

BBC named their sophomore album, A Livingroom Hush, the best jazz album of 2002.



WHERE: Black Cat

WHEN: June 21st, 2015 at 7:30 PM (Doors)

WHAT KINDA MONEY AM I GONNA SPEND?: $18 advanced, $20 doors


IS “JAGA JAZZIST” NORWEGIAN FOR “GOOD JAZZ”: No, it’s Norwegian for “really good jazz that you’ll like and should pay $18-$20 for”

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