“Fragile” – Kygo (feat. Labrinth)

Our favorite Norwegian tropical house prodigy is back at it again! This past Friday, Kygo released his latest single, “Fragile,” featuring UK singer and rapper Labrinth. Kygo, formally Kyrre Gorvell-Dahl , is a breakout EDM star we know best for his remixes of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” and the Weeknd’s “Often,” as well as his originals “Firestone” and “Stay.”  The tropical house vibe Kygo’s music exudes is recognizable in all of his previous releases, though his latest takes on more of a rock and roll, soulful sound. The organic piano and electric guitar riffs, paired with the subdued, emotional vocals from Labrinth, make for a softer style.  Kygo’s highly anticipated album Cloud Nine is set to drop later this year.

Photo credit to Kygo’s website

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