Playlist: Words Are Hard

For the love of midterms.

Exams got you at a loss for words? Same.

Would rather stare at this dreamy photo of Kygo winking than study? Same.

Need some solid study tunes?  Same.

In my time spent procrastinating for said exams, I took the liberty of making a playlist of songs I like to study to, no words allowed.  Featuring some of my favorite electronic artists (Odesza, Kygo, Kasbo, Petit Biscuit, and Pretty Lights), this playlist has helped me through the mid-term grind, and I hope it does the same for you!

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Lilly Jones

Lilly is a junior in the College from Arkansas studying Biology of Global Health. Like a good Southerner, she has a deep appreciation for sweet tea and all musical genres except Country. She ranks The 1975, Grouplove, and Odesza as some of her favorite shows.

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