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Grouplove is notorious for putting on amazing live performances and their show Wednesday night at Echostage was no exception. Although the election outcome put the crowd in a somber mood, Grouplove performed with a high energy that brought everyone in the audience back to life.

They started their show with “I’m With You.” The married vocalists, Christian and Hannah, stormed onto the stage in matching bomber jackets and coordinated blue and red hair. Strobe lights flashed like crazy, exciting the crowd for what was to come.

Talking was kept to a minimum throughout their set. Occasionally they would tell the crowd, “Let me see your hands!” or “Everyone clap along.” However, as the show went on, Grouplove opened up to the crowd and started talking about their feelings on the election and the importance of everyone coming together in the moment. The lack of banter led to a longer setlist, with Grouplove playing around a 20 song set. Fan favorites such as “Shark Attack,” “Itchin’ On A Photograph,” and “Ways To Go” were all played.

One of the highlights of their set was a cover of the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage.” The entirety of the song was fast paced and high energy – Christian crowd surfed, and both lead singers jumped on speakers and spun around the stage. Everyone in the crowd, whether they knew the song or not, was visibly impressed by Grouplove’s rendition. “Sabotage” was not the only song Grouplove covered. They also played a quick cover of the Bojack Horseman theme song.

Throughout the night, Grouplove made references to the results of the election. During their intro for “Cruel and Beautiful World,” they said “No matter which side you are on, we all love live music,” and got the crowd to quiet down while they played a beautiful, mic-free rendition of the song.

Grouplove ended their set with a high power rendition of “Welcome To Your Life,” the first single off of their latest release. To follow that up, they did a one eighty and started their encore with a slow, acoustic version of “Enlighten Me.”

However, in typically Grouplove fashion, they ended their encore with “Colours.” They played off of their name by telling the crowd “Everyone put your arms around each other … this is Grouplove right here,” while clearly playing with extreme passion and love for their fans. Confetti rained down from the ceiling, covering the audience in colors, literally.

Grouplove lived up to their reputation as being an amazing act to see live. If you missed the show, they are touring through April and making a stop in the DMV area again in March, so make sure to get your tickets!

Photo Credit: Sean Molin


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