The Naked and Famous @ Lincoln Theatre

Flashing lights, crowds dancing in the aisles, heavy breathing, and a bass that floods your system. This is what it’s like to be at a concert for The Naked and Famous. I have been a fan of The Naked and Famous for about 5 years, but nothing could have prepared me for the concert that I attended on Tuesday, November 15th.

From the moment that I stepped into the venue, I knew the night would be wonderful. The atmosphere was filled with positive energy as I met other fans and conversed with them briefly. When the show finally started at 8pm, I was pumped and ready for the music to start. The first of the two opening acts was The Chain Gang of 1974, the stage-name of multi-instrumentalist Kamtin Mohager. Mohager’s energy radiated into the crowd. He had me up and dancing from the start. Although I had not heard of him before the show, I soon found myself randomly singing along to his songs. My favorite songs of his were “Miko” and “Sleepwalking.” I actually got to meet up with Mohager after the show and we talked about his artistry and the energy that he gave off. Since then, I’ve also had the chance to connect with him on social media. He’s a sweet person and his music is even better – check him out!

Next up was the brother-sister duo XYLO, who slayed with their intense beats and meaningful lyrics. Paige and Chase Duddy, from Los Angeles, are electric together. Lead singer Paige has a magnetic stage presence and a fierceness about her when performing which I was in love with. She and I had made eye contact various times during her performance and later when I had the chance to meet the duo, she remembered me from the crowd. Paige is a blonde bombshell and has the attitude to match, though she’s absolutely a sweetheart.

When The Naked and Famous finally came on, I was absolutely shook. I was feeling alive and my heart was already racing. They opened up with their latest song, “Higher,” from the album Simple Forms. Alisa came out strong and sang her heart out. I was dancing, screaming, and fangirling all over the place. As The Naked and Famous performed, everyone in the crowd got up and danced hard. There were people in the aisles and couples dancing on seats. The vibes and energy in the room were beyond positive – I was absolutely in love.

The band performed a combination of old favorites, such as “Punching In a Dream” and “All Of This,” as well as many of their new songs. It was everything a fan could have hoped for. The crowd sang along and the band was loving it. Alisa and Thom ended the show with “No Way.”

I will definitely be catching all of these bands again if and when they return to DC. In the meantime, I’ll be jamming to their music. I suggest you do the same!

Photo Credits: The Naked and Famous Instagram and The Chain Gang of 1974 Facebook


  • Chynna Eubanks-Brown

    Chynna is a 19 year-old native Pennsylvanian with a big heart and even bigger dreams. She fell in love with music before she was even born, came out of the womb dancing and singing (it happened). Now with an interest in writing and living her best life, Chynna hopes to break out into the film world where music, stories and life all come together.

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