“iSpy” – Kyle and Lil Yachty

Fresh rappers Kyle and Lil Yachty are all about the good vibes, forgetting the haters, and snatching selfies with Oprah. Lil Yachty is the latest to collab with the 22-year-old West Coast native, joining the likes of G-Eazy and Chance the Rapper. Kyle’s latest single embodies the bouncy, video game sample-infused sound that has characterized his previous tracks. “iSpy” begins with Lil Yachty giving Kyle a pep talk about forgetting the haters and focusing on the facts, with instructions to “Look around, bro. Look at life.” Lil Yachty’s advice does not fall on deaf ears, as Kyle is “in my happy place posted/I ain’t frown since ’06.” Kyle has been consistently releasing new music, which is hopefully means a new album from him soon.

Bump “iSpy” below.

Photo taken from Kyle’s Facebook page

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