“lights (4444)” – Nothing, Nowhere (By Cheyenne Martin)

Nothing, Nowhere rolled out a new single not too long ago called “lights (4444)”. The song is a short and simple one but offers more than what its runtime of 2 minutes and 40 seconds might suggest. It is a scale back from his other recently released, punch-packing single, “DEATH”, but in a positive way. “Lights (4444)” has a great minimalist backing beat that is present enough to drive the song forward and keep the listener intrigued without being overwhelming, which is especially important for a song with a tone like this. The tone of the song is somewhat of a chill somber atmosphere. With some parts showing regret for the past, other parts showing confidence, the song embodies trying to move on with heartache, saying a last piece to try and fully cement an emotional separation and communicating the hurt. The subject of the song seems unable to move, however, stuck in the past and not sure where to go. It embodies the pain of betrayal and nostalgia well with lyrics such as “Had to drag you underground just so you could see my every day view”, and the vocals communicate this sentiment just as well. The overall mood and message come across very well, as the varying accompaniments stand out, but also blend succinctly to create a good flow. The vibe of this song is very reminiscent of driving around alone in a used car with heartache during a crisp fall night and parking up on a hill, overlooking the city alone as the blue, pink, white, and yellow lights start to blend together in a soft glimmering haze.

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