“Long Live Tonight” – LANco

This snowy President’s Day, you deserve to listen to some brand new country music. LANco, short for Lancaster and Company, is a fresh, new country music group out of Nashville, Tennessee made up of five longtime best friends. The group’s unconventional sound, a blend of country and pop, has landed them on a handful of “artist to watch” lists for 2016. LANco gained some notoriety late last year for their self-titled EP, LANco. Their most recent single, “Long Live Tonight”, is equally impressive and an absolute “must-listen” for both country music fans and skeptics.

Look for LANco’s popularity to surge in the coming months as “Long Live Tonight” makes its way on to country radio.


  • Rob Iannaccone is a senior in the School of Nursing and Health Studies majoring in human science and minoring in public health. He's just a jersey boy who loves his country music. He does not drive a truck. Listen to 'The Country High' Tuesdays from 6-8pm

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