Protomartyr w/ Priests @ Black Cat


FullSizeRenderAs scheduled, Protomartyr stepped onto the stage at exactly 10pm. Joe Casey, vocals, passed out the set list, which looked to be handwritten, and each of the band members took their place. With a PBR in hand, Casey walked up to the mic, said “We’re Protomartyr from Detroit” and launched into their set. 

The band opened with “Cowards Starve” a track from their newest album The Agent Intellect. With barely a hesitation, they moved right into “I Forgive You.” The band is currently touring in support of their new album, and their live performances of these new tracks were noisy and tight.

More than forty minutes into the set, Casey looked back at the band, pulled up his pants by the belt and began “The Devil in His Youth.”  The entire operation was no fluff. The bassist and guitarist were energetic, but focused on their instruments rather than the crowd. Casey was stiff, but not uptight. He wore a suit, with the jackets vents still stitched down and his delivery of the lyrics was direct. Although there was very little movement around the stage, the set didn’t seem lifeless, but rather candid.

The show straightforward and allowed the drama of the music and its themes take center stage.  As Casey and his bandmates continue their very long tour, they are sure to deliver loud and honest shows that pairs perfectly with their studio work.


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