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With the leaked release of his third album this summer, Mac Demarco has developed a cult following and a charming reputation in the indie music world. His current tour made a stop at the Howard Theatre this past Wednesday. Known for shoving drumsticks in certain bodily cavities while performing, I was interested to see how Mac would address this crowd. Recently it appears that Mac’s fan base has extended more into the realm of high schoolers, though he hasn’t adapted his style at all, giving a charismatic performance.

Mac opened with “The Way You Love Her,” a track from his most recent EP, Another One. Most notable about the opener and the rest of the show in general was the upbeat and lighthearted attitude of the songs and the musicians. Though Salad Days represented a more serious turn for Mac, he and his band played more music from Another One and 2, albums distinguished more by their ease and breezy tracks that seem to be made for summer relaxation. Even tracks from Salad Days like “Let Her Go” were sped up to fit more with the overall sound of the show. It was clear the entire band was having a good time, perhaps as much as the audience itself. Members of opening act Alex Calder accompanied Mac and his band on stage. Walter TV, which includes Pierce McGarry, Mac’s bass player, started off the entire show. They had all purchased vapes earlier in the day, and as a Viceroy addicted Mac Demarco embarks on a quest to quit smoking, the stage was engulfed in a haze of vape smoke for much of the show.

The band’s stage presence and affection for each other made for a fun show, but at the same time Pierce McGarry’s presence seemed to detract from the overall effect. Not only did he play a mediocre 45-minute set as Walter TV, but also constantly attempted to steal the show from Mac himself. Interrupting other members to tell bad jokes and recount boring stories, McGarry clearly doesn’t enjoy being in the shadow of his more famous Canadian counterpart.

Ultimately, Mac Demarco put on one of the most enjoyable concerts I’ve ever been to. Though no acts were performed with drumsticks, Mac executed a stage dive that illustrated just how much his fans love him. A near perfect combination of new songs and earlier favorites made the show enjoyable and relatable for longtime and new listeners alike. Mostly the show just piqued my interest for what Mac is going to come up with in the next year, and I would definitely return to see him play again.



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