Music Video: “The One Moment” – OK Go

2016 has been a remarkably terrible year. But it’s okay, because OK Go has, in their decade-long tradition, blessed us with one of the coolest music videos of all time.

The video is really a 4.2 second long clip that was then slowed down and synchronized with OK Go’s 2014 track, “The One Moment.” Although their innovative videos are typically recorded in a single shot, “The One Moment,” released on November 24th, required dozens of cameras and robotic arms to capture every millisecond of their perfectly-timed vision.

This isn’t the first great film they’ve released this year. Back in February, they stunned the music world with the boundary-pushing zero-gravity clip for “Upside Down & Inside Out,” the first track from their 2014 album Hungry Ghosts.

They may not be releasing new music any time soon, because lead singer Damian Kulash is focusing on making art that is “just on the edge of possible.” “When the biggest music streaming service is YouTube, the idea that all musicians aren’t visual artists is crazy,” he said in a recent interview with Mashable. At least he’s proven that OK Go deserve that title.


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