Playlist: Contemplate the Rain


These are songs to throw on when it’s rainy and you’re chillin’ out:


“Soundtrack 2 My Life” – Kid Cudi

Soundtrack is one of the alltime best Kid Cudi songs, no doubt in my mind. Its detailed hip hop storytelling at its best, and hopefully Kid Cudi’s new album harkens back to this sound.


“Eleven:11” – Pell

Pell is a relatively small name in the hip hop world, but this song is a pretty ambitious and well put together effort. Its melodic high pitched almost sonar-esque beat is great and Pell’s fast paced poly-syllabic verses (and his lyrical chorus) give the song an awesome sound.


“Otherside” – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Californication’s best song is not, in fact, “Californication,” but rather the deep and haunting “Otherside.” The song has the signature Chili sound and signature poignant lyrics that resonate. It’s a great compliment to a day with crappy weather because this song is both sad and somewhat inspiring.


“No Diggity (Chet Faker)” – Chet Faker

This remix to the hip hop classic, “No Diggity” is the opposite of its original. Its soft piano, laid back drums, and unique transitions from verse to chorus (look out for it after the line “baby you’re a perfect 10″) make it a fantastic effort from Chet Faker.


“Sweater Weather” – The Neighbourhood

This Neighbourhood song takes me to a beach on a cloudy day. The chorus is great and the mix of classical acoustic guitar with newer synth beat and electric guitar arrangements make for a great instrumental backing to a lyrical killer song.


“1979” – Smashing Pumpkins

Not a ton to say about this one, it’s a classic.


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