Playlist: Ode to Spring

It’s the middle of April – there’s just about a month left in the semester, which means that finals and good weather are coming. Let’s forget about the first part and focus on the second. Summer is just around the corner and spring has sprung. Here’s a playlist to celebrate! These eleven songs are upbeat enough for you to enjoy the rest of the spring season but laid back enough for you to imagine taking a nap in the sun (hopefully this will be possible soon!)

The bands Electric Guest and Pacific Air are consistently part of my spring playlists, and the new song “Feel It Still” from Portugal. The Man fits with them perfectly and is so unbelievably catchy. Enjoy!

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Susanna grew up mostly in Bloomington, Indiana, amidst the corn. Majoring in Philosophy and German in the college, she obviously doesn't know what she wants to do in real life, but at least she has hobbies. She enjoys soccer, art, hiking, and running.

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