Playlist: Rainy Nights

I don’t know what the weather is like right now in DC, but it’s pretty terrible in Germany. However, at least there’s a lot of time to spend with my best friend, Spotify. One rainy night, I discovered the song “Side A” from the band Alohaha, and it was amazing. After listening to all 15 and a half minutes of it, I was inspired. Jack Sinclair, lead singer of Alohaha, explained that part of his inspiration for “Side A” and “Side B” is simply the fact that he is tired of the normal song format, and he’s trying to break out of those boundaries. The Hawaiian guitar makes Alohaha’s songs even more different, with a nostalgic but light sound.  In this playlist I’ve tried to compile a couple of songs that match the feeling of “Side A” and help me get through the prospect of more rainy nights.


photo taken by me, trying to survive a lightning storm on a beach in a tent


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Susanna Herrmann

Susanna grew up mostly in Bloomington, Indiana, amidst the corn. Majoring in Philosophy and German in the college, she obviously doesn't know what she wants to do in real life, but at least she has hobbies. She enjoys soccer, art, hiking, and running.

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