Preview: Lapsley @ 9:30 Club

With the release of her debut album, Long Way Home, in 2016, Lapsley has decided to go on tour.  Long Way Home channels a variety of artists, such as Amy Winehouse and Adele, while still keeping her incredibly unique tone and voice intact. Lapsley has made herself known as an English artist in the pop/indie electronic world. The multi-talented artist, who plays piano, classical guitar, drums and oboe, released her debut album at 19 and is headlining the 9:30 Club with Aquilo this Friday. Get tickets to her show this weekend here.

Although I only got into her music recently, I’m obsessed. Her dark pop/indie electronic style really speaks to my “hipster-emo” vibes. Not only does her amazing voice make my heart soar, but her charming accent and her lyricism causes my heart to break and mend all in one sitting.

I’m beyond excited to hear her live, even though it’s only recently that I became familiar with her work. I’m sure that this concert will lock me in as a definite fan. In the meantime, I’ll be listening to her album on repeat. I suggest you do the same – and maybe I’ll see you at the show.


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