Playlist: Study Days

I’ve never really understood what is meant by “good study music”: I assume it must be something that is not too catchy lest you be distracted from your precious econ graphs, but is musical enough to let you escape the lonely silence of your mind. While certainly many of you have you own playlists to get you through the coming days in preparation for finals, why not give a listen to my own study playlist; maybe you’ll discover some new material along the way that piques your interest.

This playlist is heavy on the instrumentals and ocean music to drown out your surroundings and let you get into your zone and hopefully isolate you there for the duration of your listen. Enjoy!


About the author

Camille Hankel

Camille is a sophomore in the College studying Math and Computer Science. She enjoys folk rock, punk rock, and indie, and most all, pretending to know how to play these things on guitar. Camille is a co-host of her radio show The Underground Alliance, which airs Thursdays at 8:00am.

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