Playlist: Happy Holidaze

For those of you whose winter is anything like mine, you know all too well the pains of your parents playing the same 20 holiday songs through the speakers in your house for the week leading up to Christmas, saying how you “need to not be so cynical” and “to be grateful because the holidays only come once per year and when you’re my age you’re going to value moments like these.” These trite sayings do little to nothing to alleviate my sorrows over hearing Nat King Cole’s rendition of “The Christmas Song” or the “non-traditional” melody of “Little Saint Nick” by The Beach Boys.

In celebration of the holiday season, I have put together a playlist titled “Happy Holidaze,” with some selections that will add some variety to the music we’ll all be forced to endure for the next three weeks. I can’t promise that after putting on this playlist your parents won’t placate you for a few minutes and then tell you to “turn off this garbage,” but I can promise you that this playlist is completely Mariah Carey free!


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Leslie Bergmann

Leslie Bergmann is a senior in the College majoring in French, because she has no concrete life plan. In the mean time, she is the host of "Concrete Wilderness," a show focused on the humble and sometimes strange origins of artists, airing Sundays 10 am to 12 pm.

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