Preview: Dream, Ivory @ DC9 9/22

When we imagine shoegaze and dream pop, we often think back to the past. But what if we were looking at its future instead?

Formed in 2016, Dream, Ivory is a musical duo from California composed of Filipino brothers Christian and Louie Baello. The group is well-recognized for their cross-genre experimentation, as well as a few major releases—their single “welcome and goodbye” has over 45 million streams on Spotify. Now, with the recent release of their single “Would It Kill You At All,” the group has solidified their move away from genre conformity.

Evidence of wide-ranging musical references are present throughout the duo’s work, ranging from Slow Dive to Beach House to Smashing Pumpkins. The brothers’ collaboration has a distinctive ebb and flow to it, with Louie leaning more into the vocal role, and Christian leading the track production. The brothers shift vision and directive effortlessly to lead and change their vocal, instrumental, and video production as they please.

Whether the brothers agree or disagree with the genre classification of their discography, there’s no question on whether you should keep an eye out for and listen to the release of Dream, Ivory’s newest album, About A Boy, on September 30.

Dream, Ivory and supporting act carwash will be performing live at DC9 on September 22. Tickets are still available for purchase on the DC9 Nightclub website. Doors open at 7:30 P.M., and the show begins at 8:00 P.M.

Listen to Dream, Ivory here.


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