Preview: Drop Nineteens @ The Atlantis, 4/17

This Wednesday, April 17th, Drop Nineteens kick off their 2024 tour at The Atlantis with their first show in three decades. The shoegaze band was formed in the early 90’s by five Boston University students and disbanded after a short five-year burst of success. Drop Nineteen’s original lineup reunited after a 30 year hiatus with the 2023 release of Hard Light. Washington D.C. is the first stop on the band’s limited 7-stop tour.

Inspired by the late 80’s UK shoegaze sound, Drop Nineteens channeled the sonic deluge of pioneering bands like Ride and Lush, and the Boston band first gained traction in the UK with the circulation of two 8-track demos. The band’s first studio album, Delaware, was released in 1992, garnering an enthusiastic following. Their music videos, like Delaware’s “Winona,” were featured on MTV, and they toured with quintessential 90’s bands Radiohead, the Cranberries, Blur, and PJ Harvey. The reunion tour is supported by a new crop of emerging artists Greg Mendez, Hotline TNT, and Winter.
Revisit the beloved 90’s shoegaze band and their new sound this Wednesday. Tickets are still available at

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