Preview: Ty Segall @ Lincoln Theatre, 4/27 

This Saturday, April 27th, Californian artist Ty Segall will be gracing the DC stage with his show at Lincoln Theatre. Segall’s American tour is well underway, with this being his tenth stop. It is in celebration of his newest album Three Bells, which was released in January of this year. While he is most notably a solo artist and this is a solo tour, Segall has been a part of numerous bands perhaps most significantly Fuzz and this comes through with his reliance on collaboration. He will be accompanied by opener Sharpie Smile, previously known as Kamikaze Palm Tree, a psychedelic duo who successfully match Segall’s quirky sound. 

Segall resides under the wide umbrella of rock with most of his influence arising from psychedelic, garage, hard, and folk rock. This range is evident in his vast discography; from more nostalgic-sounding songs like ‘My Lady’s On Fire’ to punkier tracks like ‘Feel’ which carry heavier drumming and lengthy electric guitar solos. He can master both the stripped-back acoustic sound as well as the garage rock he originated from. Adding further confusion to Segall’s work is his array of covers dotted throughout his discography. From whole albums like Ty Rex (2015) and Fudge Sandwich (2018) to one of his most popular releases, a grungier reimagining of Hot Chocolate’s ‘Every 1’s a Winner’, Segall is keen to put his own spin on celebrated works. 

His newest album seems to marry the clarity of his folkier tracks with the instrumentation of his garage and psychedelic rock releases. The show has been moved from The Atlantis to Lincoln Theatre, so with this change in venue there are plenty of tickets still available. You can find them here

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