Preview: L7 & Tarah Who? @ The Black Cat, 9/18

Though often associated with the early 90s grunge and riot grrrl explosion, LA-based band, L7, preceded and outlasted both movements. Reuniting and ending their two-decade long hiatus in 2014, the group came back into the punk rock scene with a European tour in 2015. Though the whole world is no longer wearing flannel and watching MTV, the all-female punk group survived past the 80s and 90s and still release music with their classic, raw energy.

L7 will be playing at the Black Cat in D.C. on September 18th, following the release of their new single “Cooler than Mars.” They stayed true to their punk ethos and booked small venues for their 2023 “In Your Space Tour,” claiming that the energy of small venues is something they always want to be connected to (Pitchfork).

Bricks are Heavy, L7’s most well-known album turned 30 last year, prompting a re-issue of the album often included in lists of seminal grunge-era albums. As many bands from that period remain in the past, L7 still knows how to rock 30 years later. Catch them at the Black Cat on Monday, September 18th.


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