Preview: Maude Latour at 9:30 Club, 10/15

Maude Latour has been busy recently.  In the past year, the Swedish-born Columbia graduate has released two EPs, 001 and Twin Flame, and played four festivals, including NYC’s Governor’s Ball.  Right now, she’s about to play the last show of her 19-stop Twin Flame Tour at Washington D.C.’s 9:30 Club this coming Sunday, October 15.

Latour began her journey as a singer-songwriter at age 15 and has since created a name for herself as a rising existential pop artist.  Her music spans a vast spectrum of genres, from high-energy, almost hyper-pop tracks like the popular “One More Weekend” to more mellow, electronic ballads, like “Lovebomb” off her most recent EP.  This recent release explores themes of queer joy and delves into the nuances of romantic and platonic love.  Latour’s platform provides a space for fans to feel unashamedly themselves, beautiful, and full of hope. 

Latour will be joined by alternative pop “renegade” Devon Again, and tickets to the show are still available for purchase here.

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