Preview: Sadie Dupuis @ McNeir Hall


Promoting her new collection of poetry, Mouthguard, singer and lead guitarist Sadie Dupuis of Boston’s Speedy Ortiz will be on campus this coming Tuesday, November 13th, for a reading.  As a musician, Dupuis has frequently garnered praise for her songwriting, and Speedy Ortiz has been consistently lauded in Indie music circles for their unique brand of off-beat lyricism. While Dupuis has said that her process for writing poetry differs significantly from the way in which she writes lyrics, her prior musical work certainly seems to indicate a natural talent nonetheless. Fans of contemporary Indie music and poetry alike should find plenty to enjoy in this event, which is co-sponsored by the Georgetown departments for Performing Arts and English as well as the Gender+Justice initiative. The reading will begin at 5:00 and last approximately an hour, entrance is free.


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  • Max Keeney

    Max Keeney is a sophomore in the SFS from Kansas City, Missouri (the side of the state line that's usually less of a national embarrassment). Outside of music, he follows Sporting KC belligerently and has a burning love for Gerso Fernandes. His favorite bands include the Orwells, FIDLAR, Wavves and Together PANGEA, but he's interested in anything surf-punky, especially if it's midwestern. Max does not believe that Belgium exists.

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