Preview: Sunroom @ 9:30 Club 10/6

The Southern Californian band Sun Room is coming to DC, and will be gracing the 9:30 Club stage this Friday, October 6th. This indie rock surf band consists of lead singer and guitarist Luke Asgian, bassist Max Pinamonti and guitarist Ashton Minnich. Their fourth member, drummist Gibby Anderson, sadly left the group earlier this year.

Emerging out of quarantine, these modern Beach Boys rose in popularity through social media and the featuring of their songs on Netflix’s Outer Banks. This tour is following the release of their third EP  “Outta Their Minds.” Sun Room is yet to release a full album.

The tour as a whole includes five different openers, but for the DC show, Sun Room will be accompanied by the British band Sports Team. While also of the indie rock genre, Sports Team has a different sound that reflects their English background and features ingenious lyrics. It’s an early show with doors opening at 6 pm, and tickets are still available! 

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