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A rather unassuming set up of a white sheet backdrop with three orbs of light standing in front of it occupied the stage as the crowd anxiously awaited Echosmith to perform this past Sunday night. The entire 9:30 Club erupted as the three siblings finally took the stage one by one. First was Graham Sierota who immediately filled the venue with the beating of drums. Noah Sierota followed shortly after, bouncing and dancing around the stage immediately while adding guitar to the rhythm. Finally, their sister Sydney joined them and added vocals to the growing sound. The simple set up was instantly juxtaposed with the upbeat, enthusiastic, energetic presence the band brought on stage. 

After the first song, Sydney introduced the group and expressed their excitement of being back on tour; this was only their third show. The show was a fantastic blend of older songs the whole crowd knew from their debut album, Talking Dreams, as well as plenty of newer music from their latest album, Lonely Generation. The trio made sure that nobody in the audience felt unseen: a feat I have never seen an artist even attempt before. The entire show was interactive and very intimate, despite its size. Sydney would teach us lyrics to sing along, bring audience members on stage, talk to individuals in the crowd, and even recorded a video on a lucky fan’s phone for their friend. It was clear that so much thought was put into the show from the band to create an exciting and unique experience for the audience. 

Towards the end of the set, Sydney pulled out a clear jar full of fortune cookies. She announced that in each was a different song they might play, including the “cookie version” of their most famous song, “Cool Kids.” After allowing a fan to pick one out of the jar, crack it open, and read aloud, they launched into the song of which the cookie foretold. It was creative moments like this that set the Echosmith show apart.Throughout the show they expressed their appreciation for the crowd and for finally getting to perform live once again. Their conversations with the audience and authentic excitement to be there with us made for an intimate and thrilling night. Following the show, they even stuck around, determined to meet and hug each of their fans. The three siblings proved to be some of the most sincere and bright performers I have seen take the 9:30 Club stage. Until Echosmith returns to D.C., you can enjoy their new songs and old favorites on Spotify here.

Written by Ella Manners and Olivia Baisier.


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