Broken Social Scene Steals the Show at Lincoln Theatre

Although it Lincoln Theatre is seated, everyone was dancing for Broken Social Scene. The crowd was lively, singing along loudly to the band’s hits and feeding off of the band’s infectious energy. In celebration of their album You Forgot It In People, Broken Social Scene showcased nostalgia while reveling in the present. Their performance on October 13th cemented the Toronto-based band’s image as pioneers of indie rock and forever fun performers. 

The opener, Jasmyn, did a great job hyping the crowd up, which dancing beats and infectious synths. Her music also felt like a celebration of life and feeling, and a way to unwind from a day and a life of other people’s expectations. Her honesty and positivity set the tone for a night of fun and pure joy. 

The collective was genuinely happy to be there, a reunion of not only the members but with the audience. Many in the crowd were die hard fans, belting every word, or showing me photos from times they’ve seen them 5, 10 and 15 years ago. There was community, we were all a part of show and a part of the music just as much as the band. People were dancing in aisles with each, strangers brought together by the power of music. 

They performed both the hits (Anthems for a 17 Year Old Girl, Sweetest Kill, etc) and deep cuts (Meet Me in the Basement) to a create an unforgettable show for aficionados and casual fans alike. Every song and solo, people were bopping along, appreciating the timelessness of the indie rock group’s jams. Their influence in the genre was heard in every song, showing how they have been pioneers from 20 years ago to now.

Broken Social Scene is a band for the people and celebration over everything we have overcome since its founding. With a changing cast of musician, they have maintained the energy and sound that makes them so special. As a legacy act, they proved that they appeal to people young and old through the power of passion. When you can tell a band likes to perform, its reflected in the show, and you could tell that they genuinely wanted to be performing. 

Check out Broken Social Scene here. 

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