Snakehips @ 9:30 Club

As the dynamic duo, Snakehips, said goodbye and left the stage, the crowd refused to leave, chanting for an encore. The crowd danced to the encore wishing the night wouldn’t end as Snakehips rendered a fun and unique concert experience on Friday, November 4th.

First of all, upon entering the venue, the happiness and excitement in the air was almost palpable. The 9:30 Club isn’t your typical concert venue – it has club vibes to it that make it more fun and less of a mosh pit, as can happen at many concerts. People were free to move and dance around as they pleased in this small, yet comfortable, area that allowed them to feel closer to the two DJs. Also, unlike many DJ concerts, both Oliver Lee and James Carter would engage the crowd, stopping songs so that the crowd could sing and switching spots to avoid standing in the same place for the whole show.

Throughout the concert they provided a variety of music, transitioning from rap to slower vocals mixed with their electronic beats, adapting to the crowd’s energy as they saw fit. They played one of their top hits, “Cruel,” and then ended with their most popular song, “All My Friends.” The crowd united and stopped dancing to belt out the lyrics to this final song, making for an overall incredible concert.

Photo Credit: 9:30 Club Instagram (@930club)

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