“Little One” – Highly Suspect

Massachusetts-based rockers Highly Suspect have been releasing EPs since 2009, but broke into massive mainstream success with their first full-length album, Mister Asylum, last year. Their second album is slated for release in less than two weeks – so get hype for The Boy Who Died Wolf with their most recent single, “Little One.”

The third single from their second album, “Little One” has been playing on repeat for me since it came out a few days ago. The track showcases lead singer Johnny Stevens’ gorgeous vocals and Highly Suspect’s classic grungy sound, but is far less aggressive than some of the band’s earlier hits. This actually makes for a better track, however – “Little One” is layered beautifully and mixed more delicately than songs like “Bloodfeather” or “Lydia,” creating a much more mature and focused sound. While this polishing can sometimes mean a loss of energy, Highly Suspect seems to have refined their sound without abandoning any of their much-loved vibrance.

It’s clear that great things are on the horizon for Highly Suspect. They’ve already been nominated for two Grammys and have played over 800 live shows since their formation. You can pre-order The Boy Who Died Wolf here, but their three currently-released singles will have to tide you over until November 18th.

Photo Credit: Huff Post

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