Wavves w/ Twin Peaks @ 9:30 Club

If there is one thing that I can tell you about a Wavves/Twin Peaks show is that there is a whole lot of energy.  Wavves just wrapped up their fall tour with Twin Peaks this week, and made an awesome stop at the 9:30 Club along the way.  Wavves released their fifth full length this past month through Warner Bros Records.  These guys are a favorite here at WGTB, having performed right here in Bulldog Alley last semester.  I had the amazing opportunity of seeing them up close here on campus, and then again with a much bigger crowd at 9:30.

The show started with Twin Peaks putting on a highly energetic performance.  These rowdy dudes, consisting of Caiden Lake James, Clay Frankel, Jack Dolan, Colin Croom, and Connor Brodner, are originally from Chicago, Illinois.  If you didn’t already know that coming in, then their multiple shoutouts to the Cubs that night might’ve clued you in.  Or the fact that Jack was wearing not only a Cubs jersey, but also their iconic baseball cap.  Twin Peaks has two full lengths out currently, Wild Onion and Sunken, released through Autumn Tone Records and Garageband respectively.  They played a wildly upbeat set featuring crowd favorites such as “I Found A Way”, “Strawberry Smoothie”, and “Making Breakfast”.  The show was pure rock and roll, complete with lots of screaming and headbanging that made for great snapchats.

After Twin Peaks finished off, the crowd grew in anticipation for Wavves.  Wavves is a major figure in the indie music scene, having released 5 full lengths to date.  Wavves consists of frontman Nathan Williams, along with Alex Gates, Stephen Pope, and Brian Hill.  I first encountered the DIY loving, garage rock punks   at a college radio station party back in the early 2010s when I first heard King of the Beach”.   The set began with “Sail to the Sun”, the opening for their fourth album Afraid of Heights.  I couldn’t help but get really crazy as they played some of my favorites including “Idiot”, “Demon to Lean On”, “Green Eyes”, and “Way Too Much”.  The guys also played their hit “No Life For Me” off of their collaborative album with Cloud Nothings.   With each song the crowd grew rowdier and rowdier, much to the displeasure of the security guards who had to handle the numerous crowd surfers.  Overall the experience was very different from the more intimate Bulldog Alley show, but equally as pleasurable.

Wavves and Twin Peaks is a winning combination, and I feel so lucky to have experienced two of my favorite bands together.  If you aren’t familiar with these rad dudes do yourself a favor and check them out here and here.

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