Playlist: Girls to the Front

Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill famously called for “All girls to the front!” at several of their shows in the 90’s in an effort to keep them safe from the rowdy crowds that formed by the stage. After their break-up, Hanna formed two more bands, the Julie Ruin and Le Tigre, meeting continual success with each project. These bands along with several others like Hole and Bratmobile laid the groundwork for new punk and rock genres dominated by kick ass women. Here’s a mix of some of these original riot grrrl sounds and some newer takes on ideas of female empowerment through music. Happy listening!

  1. “Rebel Girl”–Bikini Kill
  2. “Slutmouth”–Girlpool
  3. “I Wanna Be Where the Boys Are (Live in Japan)”–The Runaways
  4. “Cool Schmool”–Bratmobile
  5. “Teenage Girl”–Cherry Glazerr
  6. “Trash”–Bully
  7. “Tres Bien”–Le Tigre
  8. “Conventional Girl”–Kate Nash
  9. “Doll Parts”–Hole
  10. “Surface Envy”–Sleater-Kinney


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