When he’s not traveling that globe with the rising Snack Skateboards crew, Sean Cullen likes fucking up the music game as the ever evolving SEENMR.  On his newest release, A DANCE TAPE FOR THE PEOPLE OF PLANET EARTH, SEENMR steps away from the highly textured beats that defined his earlier work into more structured, progressive dance songs.  He’s been flirting with club for a while now, and “After Dark” (which opens this EP) is still just as stunningly singular today as it was the first time I listened to it.  Although these songs are all beat driven, A DANCE TAPE… isn’t quite a wholehearted dive away from the atmospherics and unconventional tones of his earlier work.  The heart of this EP, “Its You” and “Feel that Feeling” recall the space-visioned nightlife of Ricky Eat Acid.  A DANCE TAPE… concludes with the 7 minute “Shine”, which sounds like it may be a tribute to the eternal afternoon of Buenos Aires where Cullen currently resides.  It’s all easy breathing and sighs.

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