“I’m Just Stupid”- Maya Delilah

Twenty-year-old London native, Maya Delilah, released her newest single “I’m Just Stupid” this month. With only five releases, all within 2020, Delilah has accrued a following of 47,000 listeners and 797,090 total streams as of May 28th. Since Delilah’s first single, “Tangerine Dream,” was released in January, her Spotify followers have increased consistently by 10% each week, signaling the increasing expectations for Delilah’s debut EP. The musical success that Delilah has had in 2020 is no surprise. After listening to “Tangerine Dream” and “Gato” in February, I’ve closely followed Delilah’s releases and enjoyed the singularity of each song.

     In “I’m Just Stupid,” Delilah’s effortless vocals glide above an ensemble of lighthearted guitar tunes and drum tracks that seem to put her lyrics in conversation with the instrumental melodies. The heart of the song is playful and groovy, contrasting the lyrical composition of it. “I’m Just Stupid” delves into the universal feeling of being strung along in a potential relationship.  She likens the on and off, back and forth feeling of being played to a game (“Tic tac toe/ three days in a row/ you left me on hold/ But I now you’re coming right back”). And her lyrical wittiness is only amplified by the fleeting guitar licks and carefree harmonies. “I’m Just Stupid” is a musical mosaic of Delilah’s influences; the drumbeat is reminiscent of any pop-R&B song with the blues guitar virtuosity John Mayer. Yet for all of its musicality, Delilah doesn’t lose the cheek or charm of the song.

Whether she is singing about boys or cats or our current pandemic, Delilah’s songs hold the ability to resonate through our common humanity. With her impressive guitar skills, catchy vocal melodies, and resounding lyrics, Maya Delilah is an artist to watch out for in the next few months. Her newest EP is set to release this summer at the end of June.

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