Artist to Watch: Club Kuru

Club Kuru, which began as artist Laurie Erskine’s bedroom synth project in 2014, has recently morphed into something much bigger. Erskine, a Bristol native living in London, released his first EP, All the Days, in April 2015, which was closely followed by his second release, Layla. The tracks from these two EPs are an intriguing, R&B-tinged mix of off-beat drums, hazy yet intense vocals, and synth, an eclectic mix of influences that somehow works.

Recently, Club Kuru has grown in number and in sound. With four new band members came a complete rethinking of their vibe. As their Facebook page states, they are now a “five piece band playing psychedelic crooner music.” Club Kuru released “Not for Me” and “Tonight” in 2016, which are of a completely different nature than the songs of the previous EPs. More laid back and much more psychedelic, “Not for Me” and “Tonight” have a Tame Impala-esque vibe that pairs Erskine’s ethereal vocals perfectly with the added instruments and more present melodies.

Yesterday, Club Kuru released their third single from what will be their third EP, Waiting in the Corner. The track’s title is “Giving In,” and it is wonderful. The slick vocals work perfectly with the warped sounds of the bass and synth to make another great addition to the new EP. “Giving In” is based on the dreams and nightmares that an old man might have when looking back on his life and relationships.

Waiting in the Corner is set to be released on March 20, so mark your calendars for the newest EP from this artist to watch!

photos from Club Kuru Facebook page.

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