Preview: The Knocks @ 9:30 Club

Ben Ruttner, aka “B-Roc,” and James Patterson, aka “J-Pat,” form the alt-electro duo known as The Knocks.  They met when they were 19 and both college students in New York City. Both in need of a roommate, they moved into an apartment together and started making music. This was much to the chagrin of their neighbors, who would constantly knock on their door to get them to turn it down.  And with that, the Knocks were born.

Coming off an opener gig on the European leg of Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour, The Knocks released their Testify EP on February 3rd ahead of their I Feel Good I Feel Great headlining tour. The debut single from this EP, “HEAT”, features vocals from Sam Nelson Harris (the lead singer of X Ambassadors) and has been playing on repeat for me since its release.  Their “feel good, feel great” mantra is echoed throughout this EP, shining through the euphoric electro sound they’ve built since their inception. Only two midterms stand between me and their appearance at 9:30 Club on Thursday, with Gilligan Moss and Bipolar Sunshine. Seventy-two hours has never felt so excruciating.


  • Lilly Jones

    Lilly is a junior in the College from Arkansas studying Biology of Global Health. Like a good Southerner, she has a deep appreciation for sweet tea and all musical genres except Country. She ranks The 1975, Grouplove, and Odesza as some of her favorite shows.

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