Orion Sun @ The Black Cat May 4th

This Wednesday, May 4th, up-and-coming artist Orion Sun will perform at D.C.’s The Black Cat. Orion Sun, real name Tiffany Majette, is a producer and singer-songwriter currently based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Majette first gained fame in 2013 after she released her debut single “Voicemail” to YouTube. Since then, the artist has released a mixtape titled “A Collection of Fleeting Moments and Daydreams” and a debut LP titled “Hold Space For Me,” along with other singles. In her latest EP, “Getaway,” which Majette released in March 2022, we see Orion Sun at perhaps her most calm. As an artist, however, Majette is perhaps best known for her masterful production—everything that she does, from arrangements to lyrics to less-conventional sonic elements, seems to fit perfectly with her growing discography. Seeing Orion Sun on stage at The Black Cat on May 4th will be an event that anyone will regret not attending. 

Listen to Orion Sun’s music here.

— Luke Monnich

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