Artist To Watch: Jamie Lawson

Although most people are just learning about the singing-songwriting genius that is Jamie Lawson, he has been on the music scene for 20 years. Now, with the worldwide recognition of his single “Wasn’t Expecting That,” Lawson has become an artist to watch.

Lawson is a 39-year-old singer-songwriter from Plymouth, United Kingdom. In 2003, Lawson released his debut studio album Last Night Stars; and in 2010 he released his second studio album The Pull of the Moon. However, it was not until March 2011, with the release of his single “Wasn’t Expecting That” in Ireland, that Lawson began to gain the recognition he rightfully deserved. A DJ for Ireland’s biggest station (Today FM’s Breakfast Show) found a YouTube video of Lawson performing this single and played it on air. From there, the song became the station’s most requested track and reached No. 1 in Ireland, Lawson’s adopted homeland.

This year, Lawson became the first artist to be signed to Ed Sheeran’s new label, Gingerbread Man Records. Since then, “Wasn’t Expecting That” has had immensely positive worldwide reception, with the single reaching No. 3 in Australia and No. 7 in New Zealand. Lawson was also named as the supporting act for Ed Sheeran’s Australian/New Zealand tour dates, and was a supporting act for One Direction for a few nights a week ago.

Lawson’s music is the perfect blend of ringing acoustic guitar melodies, powerful vocals, and meaningful lyrics. “Ahead of Myself,” one of his latest releases, displays this beautifully with a simple guitar melody and the lyrics, “Didn’t want to get ahead of myself, but I think I just did / Didn’t want to make a fool of myself like a love struck idiot kid.” (With the words “love struck” perfectly showcasing his British accent.) His vocal melodies and lyrics showcase just the right of vulnerability to be moving, and just the right of ambiguity so that everyone can relate to them.

His self-titled album is set to be released October 16th, next Friday. Make sure to take a listen because, by the end of 2015, Jamie Lawson will be a household name with numerous radio hits.


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