“Falling Into Me” – Let’s Eat Grandma

Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingsworth’s musical group Let’s Eat Grandma have revealed “Falling Into Me,” their second single off of their upcoming album “I’m All Ears” from Transgressive Records.

Following up from their aggressively sybaritic single “Hot Pink,” the British pop-duos newest track is emotionally exhilarating and borderline cinematic. The progressive instrumentals suspend the listener in the surreal space that Let’s Eat Grandma gives off with this single. Accompanying the ever-changing audible backdrop are intimate lyrics that reflect the dualistic hesitation and passion felt towards someone you’re into. In a press release, Walton states the track is “about getting to know someone and getting over your fears about feeling insecure.” The lyrics within the song allude the doubt experienced within the rush of emotions felt when trying to dissect one’s true feelings.

“It’s just the necessary price you pay
If you listen to your instincts
And I
Don’t wanna cast it in concrete
And then it hits me again”

Throughout the song, there’s an evident sense of delving into your true emotions that make you forget about what you think you should feel. Rather, the track promotes self-agency and the willingness to follow your heart. Hollingsworth described the lyrics of song as such, expressing that “Some of the lyrics reference being in control as a woman in a romantic relationship, and being the one to initiate. It’s the importance of if you feel something, tell them. Because you don’t know what’s going to happen in life, you might as well just do it.

After almost two years of silence, Let’s Eat Grandma is following up from their debut album I, Gemini with I’m All Ears, set to release on June 29th with productions by SOPHIE, David Wrench (the xx, Frank Ocean, Caribou), and Faris Badwan (the Horrors). Listen to their dreamy track below:

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