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Jon Langston silently broke out on to the country music scene back in 2013 with his EP, Running on Sunshine. While an impressive debut, Langston remained a relative unknown in the country music community. Running on Sunshine was followed by the release of the single, “Party Boots”, in early 2014. This release garnered little attention and Langston was once again forgotten. This year, however, Langston seems to have found himself as a country music artist and may be poised for a deserved breakout. Earlier this year, Langston released his second EP, Showtime. This was an impressive return and presented listeners with a sound similar to what was introduced on Running on Sunshine. The title track, “Showtime”, has since become his most popular. Somewhat surprisingly, Langston recently released his second EP of the year, a self-titled production that highlights his unique sound. While his lyrics of his EP’s tracks mimic the themes unfortunately overused in modern country music, the release is a strong showing nonetheless.

Jon Langston opens with “Rollin’ In and Rockin’ Out”, a fun start to the album with a sound similar to Chase Rice’s Ignite the Night. The track perfectly displays the deep, raspy voice that sets Langston apart from similar artists trying to make a name for themselves in the increasingly crowded genre. The final two tracks on the album are probably Langston’s strongest. “In My Mind” is fast paced song about the all too familiar significant other that we let get away, but still allow to infiltrate our minds when alone with our thoughts. The EP’s final track, was actually released as a single not too long ago. “Forever Girl”, a solely acoustic production, significantly slows the relatively fast pace of the album introducing listeners to Langston’s true love while walking us through the simple qualities that complicate his emotions in all the right ways.

Langston’s self-titled EP has already gained some popularity. No longer an complete unknown, Langston will likely have a very successful 2016.


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