Untamed, Cam

Two years ago, an unknown artist going by the name of Cam Country opened on stage at the 9:30 Club for a relatively unknown duo called Dan + Shay. Watching her perform, it was obvious that she had the potential to become a respected name in country music. Not long after that concert, Dan + Shay took off and Cam remained relatively silent. Two years later, Cam has gained a respectable following thanks to her unique country sound and infectious charm. The release of her debut EP, Welcome to Cam Country, in early 2015 was well received and introduced listeners to this unique sound, placing her on the radar as one of 2015’s prospective breakout artists. As the year comes to a close, it seems Cam may have succeeded in living up to her hype. While the success of the single “Burning House” may have been enough to warrant a breakout, the release of her first studio album, Untamed, will undoubtedly place her on the fast track to country’s most popular analogous to the meteoric rise of Sam Hunt following the release of Montevallo in late 2014.

Untamed is a phenomenal album. While four out of the eleven tracks had been released with her EP, the remaining tracks are, in this listener’s opinion, far superior. Cam opens with the album’s title track, “Untamed”, a track that introduces a more rebellious side of Cam previously not seen. She then transitions into two of the albums strongest tracks in “Hungover on Heartache” and “Mayday”, stories that speak of emotional vulnerability and uncertainty respectively. The album progresses to the tracks introduced on her EP including the certified hits of “Burning House” and “Half Broke Heart”. The track that follows may prove to become the most popular with fans of country’s more modern identity. “Want It All” is a track that beautifully blends the sounds of pop and country while stressing one to live a full life without regrets. The final tracks on the album, especially “Village”, are equally strong and close out a very respectable debut for Cam.

Cam’s almost flawless fusion of country, pop, and soul create a sound that even country music’s detractors could and should appreciate. Expect the popularity of Untamed to soar in the coming weeks. Welcome to Cam country.



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