Playlist: Girls Who Get Stuff Done

We’ve reached the point in the semester where I kind of just would rather sleep than do anything productive. However, that’s not a viable way to live, so to pump myself up for the daily grind of homework, papers, and studying, I created a playlist of peppy, danceable female-driven pop. Now you, too, can join me in aggressive chair dancing.

The playlist starts off with the instant pop classic “Want U Back” by Cher Lloyd (if you say you don’t know all the words to this I honestly hope you’re lying) and the bouncy “Happy With Me” by Holychild. There’s some more fun indie stuff, some throwbacks (“Hollaback Girl,” anyone?), and it ends with the song I want to listen to on repeat forever, “If I Could Change Your Mind” by Haim.

Bonus: this playlist includes some motivational messages for your work.

  • You can “Ride This Out” (this being the rest of the semester)!
  • Even though “It Hurts,” you will push through and
  • finish your work “One Way Or Another.”

Good luck, guys!

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Caroline Immroth

Caroline is a freshman in the College studying linguistics. She is from Portland, Oregon, and consequently is a crusader for Birkenstocks and compost. You can find her listening to all the music you're not cool enough to know.

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