Playlist: Halloween All Year

Halloween is nearly upon us, and I’ve compiled a playlist for America’s spookiest holiday. This is a magical time of year where it’s socially acceptable to take candy from strangers, be irrationally afraid of skeletons, or bedeck your home in fruit and watch as it rots majestically in 80 degree heat. We’re inching towards the end of the semester, so let’s all take a moment to enjoy something spooky before things get downright horrifying around finals. With that in mind, crank up the volume and enjoy some handpicked Halloween staples like “Norman” by the Orwells, “Cat and Mouse” by Radkey, and “Blackout Stout” by FIDLAR.

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Max Keeney

Max Keeney is a sophomore in the SFS from Kansas City, Missouri (the side of the state line that's usually less of a national embarrassment). Outside of music, he follows Sporting KC belligerently and has a burning love for Gerso Fernandes. His favorite bands include the Orwells, FIDLAR, Wavves and Together PANGEA, but he's interested in anything surf-punky, especially if it's midwestern. Max does not believe that Belgium exists.

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