Surfbort Riles Up DC9

Punk is living well with Brooklyn-based kickass punk group Surfbort. The band intoxicated crowds last weekend at DC9 as part of their tour supporting their latest album Keep On Truckin’.

From the second Surfbort hit the stage, it was clear this show would be the most fun I’d have all week. Lead singer and punk princess Dani Miller strode to the front microphone cracking jokes with the audience while the rest of the band set up. Surfbort’s set kicked off with their beloved single “FML ”, beginning slow and nonchalant with muted instrumentals and gravelly vocals. The energy quickly picked up after the band launched full speed into a chaotic, loud, and exhilarating set that endured through the end of the night. There was not a single still moment the entire show–both onstage and in the crowd, people were moving, dancing, and letting the uproarious punk mega-wave enfold them. Miller exceptionally matched her audience’s energy, dancing in frenzy all around the stage, shouting lyrics directly into fans’ faces, and shoving the mic into die-hard front-rowers’ hands. It was the perfect embodiment of the in-your-face punk attitude Surfbort has mastered so well.

Miller took advantage of the small venue by connecting with fans whenever she could. Leaping into the crowd multiple times to mosh, Miller made the concert feel less like a performance and more like a wild rage. Her effortless chats on stage about her tattoos, family, and  life made the show all the more intimate and inviting. 
Miller, in an interview with NME, said, “you should join the Surfbort Family if you’re into fun. We’re here to party, scream, dance, talk about the world and get through this insane, crazy shit together,”. Surfbort’s show at DC9 showed just that, and then some. Surfbort’s effortlessly cool and chaotic energy at DC9 invited the audience to let loose for a night–to shout, maniacally dance, and celebrate. The show was unhinged in only the best way: a chance to let loose a primal scream while singing along to the chorus of thrashing closing number “Hippie Vomit Inhaler,” bop around a sweaty and spirited crowd, and to embrace the beauty of punk-rock in all its pissed-off, riotous, gritty, blissful glory.

Check out Surfbort’s music here.


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