TV Girl & Brothertiger @ Comet Ping Pong

Folded up ping pong tables line the wall of the venue and you find yourself in a small, yet artsy space. There’s no way not to be close to the stage, giving an intimate feel to the concert. The opener started around 9:30. They start pretty late due to the fact that Comet is also a restaurant so they don’t want to disturb people eating dinner. The venue is in the back behind a curtain but it can be heard throughout the restaurant. The opener was Brothertiger. The band is just one guy but he sounds like so much more. His music can be described as “chill-techno” and every one in the room was nodding their heads along to the beat. My favorite song he played was “High Tide”.

At around 10:30, TV Girl came on. There are three guys in this band and the music has a tech-y vibe but not as chill as Brothertiger. I loved the use of movie quotes in their songs where they make them fit their song but they use real recordings from movies. By the time TV Girl came on, the intimate venue was even more crowded but everyone was dancing and smiling as TV Girl played. My favorite song by them was “Cigarettes Out The window”.

Overall, the concert was excellent. While smaller than most venues, Comet does a good job of using their space. I was pleasantly surprised with the artists live and left the concert with a smile on my face.


Featured Image Credit: Maddy Taub

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