Playlist: long days, short nights

We’ve already passed the longest day of the year, but the days are still long enough to enjoy. If you have an hour (and a minute) of time and a hankering to listen to some more songs that sound like summer, here’s a playlist for you.

The playlist starts off with “Katchi (feat. Leon Bridges),” which is one of my favorites but also will definitely get stuck in your head. Next come a couple of super relaxed songs such as “I’m Just Snacking” and “This Must Be the Place,” and a couple of funky songs from The Lips, a newish band from Berlin. Also included is the new Foster the People song, “Sit Next To Me,” which, unlike the rest of the singles that they’ve released in anticipation of their upcoming album, sounds like it would fit in with their older music. We finish with the 2005 classic from Spoon, “I Turn My Camera On.”

Also check out “Do Whatchu Wanna To Me” and “Signs” from NoMbe, who should release his first album soon. He’s released one single every month for the last 6 months, all of which are great.


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